Our services

Bart Van den Bossche Accounting professionals and tax-experts is certified as an accounting professional - tax expert by the Belgian Institute of Accountants and Tax Experts (BIBF).
Our office is a dynamic organisation, which works all over Belgium, without limitations. We specialise in all-round services for the self-employed, non-commercial businesses, SMEs and non-profit organisations.

Providing support and assistance regarding administrative and fiscal obligations of foreign non-commercial businesses (attorneys, journalists, consultants and the like) working in Belgium constitutes a separate, specialised branch of our office’s activities.
Moreover, medical non-commercial professions also make up a separate division in our office.

Thanks to our close professional relationship with a corporation that provides start-up services, our office can take care of the full organisation and start-up of self-employed entrepreneurs.
To help employers, we maintain good contacts with various social administration services, so as to provide optimum services in this respect as well.
Our clientele consists of both one-man businesses and companies, non-commercial businesses and non-profit organisations, medical and legal professionals, traders and craftsmen ….

The fact that we tailor to the needs of this diverse group of entrepreneurs ensures our specialisation and broad experience. It allows us to professionally guide you through all of the administrative requirements and guidelines. In addition, thanks to our experience and creativity, we can provide substantial added value to your company:

Through our support and advice, you stand a better chance of attaining your company objectives.