About Bart Van den Bossche Accounting professionals and tax-experts

Bart Van den Bossche Accounting professionals and tax-experts was founded in mid-1986, initially providing tax and
accounting services as a secondary offering to our clients (companies, self-employed individuals and non-profit organisations).
In 1989, due to strong client demand, these professional services became our primary activity.

Today we provide our wide range of international and local clients with a large spectrum of professional services, including: accountancy, tax consultancy, start-up consultancy and general business consultancy.

Our staff of 7 members ensures its proper functioning of the office. Our commitment to our team's continuing professional development means we supply relevant, cost-effective services for your professional needs.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we also provide access to a wide network of trusted, experienced professional contacts (including attorneys, civil law notaries, auditors, start-up services and social administration services). Our proactive, client-focused approach offers you access to a variety of external professional solutions (such as legal advice, asset management, wage calculation).